• Sun. Apr 2nd, 2023

4 Officially Trendy Ways to Wear Bootcut Jeans

Retro is back! This new wave of retro fashion pieces getting back in trend are officially called ‘Retrowave’ and are rocking our wardrobes. Just think about the clothes you wore back in the days, 10 years ago! More than half of those pieces are back in vogue, so if you have kept them from the 2000s, then you are a hell of a lucky and smart woman, if not, then bad news (or good?) from here, you need to go thrifting a little!

To celebrate the return of platform boots, denim miniskirts, bootcut jeans and all the great fashion designs from the early 2000s, I brought you 4 ways and style tips on how to wear bootcut jeans on the streets daily. Here they are!


Patchwork elements became very trendy this spring, they continue to be even trendier this winter. Upgrade your bootcut jeans with some cool patchwork designs to make them playful and chic, they are not even expensive to buy. Zara has been selling some amazing pieces since a couple of months or so, and you can also see and could have seen a lot of them already on the streets of London, especially during the London Fashion Week.


Alessandra Ambrosio, the Victoria’s Secret model and actress is the living proof that a bomber jacket goes great with a pair of bootcut jeans. You might be thinking that ‘Yeah, of course, even a garbage bag would look amazing on the model’, but you might be surprised how great this combination looks on basically everyone! Of course, I must emphasize the importance of shoes! Don’t even try to wear them with boots or ankle-high sport shoes, they will look terrible.


Chiara Ferragni is one of my favorite fashion bloggers, she has an amazing sense of style and caught this wave extremely well. Ripped bootcut jeans with a cool crop top, a matching choker necklace and a chic retro-pattern, striped jacket; her outfit is simple, but great and very fashionable. Totally Retro!


A white pair of bootcut jeans matched with a white cashmere cardigan or shirt will always look neat and great on anyone. It’s all the same with black, khaki or grey (the other three ultimate color trends), actually khaki and ocher are among the trendiest colors of this autumn. Don’t hesitate to wear one single color, sometimes the more is less as they usually say.