• Sat. Apr 1st, 2023

An Informal Meeting

Evie sighed as she closed her Office App. It’d been another tedious day, with much work and little rest. Her job was admittedly demanding, but it had its perks. She had her own office space, a good salary package, bonuses, and bi-monthly vacations. What more could one hope to get from a job?

Much more. So much more.

Her immediate boss, Thomas Richardson, had taken a liking to her from her early days as an intern in the company during her college days. As she graduated, he offered her a position that was a huge step up from her internship role. She liked the job and work environment, and the pay was good. It wasn’t hard to accept.

Two years into her formal employment, Mr. Richardson, or Tom, as he insisted she call him, introduced her to the CEO, Mark J. Wright. He was much younger, still in his early thirties, and even more handsome than she had expected. By doing that, Tom introduced her to a whole new world – one that excited her.

She rose, went to the ladies’ room to freshen her makeup and smoothen her clothes, then took the elevator to the top floor. She checked her watch. It was 7:04 pm. She was four minutes late. Stepping out of the elevator doors at the top floor, she was greeted by a beautiful blonde receptionist, who welcomed her with a warm smile, introduced herself, and led her to Mark’s office.

Evie got to the glass doors, which opened just as she got there, leading her into a beautiful office suite with different artworks, furniture – couches, a bed, and lush carpets. There were four men and a woman in the suite; Tom, her immediate boss; Mark, the CEO; Xander, an associate of Mark; Harry, a personal bodyguard of Mr. Mark; and Ann, the blonde receptionist who had accompanied Evie.

Evie’s body trembled with excitement.

“I hope you have an idea of what you were called here for, Evie?” Mark queried.

“Yes, sir. I was informed by Mr. Richardson, sir,” she replied.

“Alright. So, let’s get to it. And please, before we start, try to be more informal. This is a meeting for pleasure, not business,” Mark quipped, beckoning Ann. He whispered a few words to the receptionist. She nodded and approached Evie.

Evie understood what Mark wanted. Ann was to help her undress.

The light was dimmed, and the show began. Evie began a slow and steady strip of her clothes. Ann caressed Evie as she did so, kneading her breasts and kissing the arc of her neck, teasing the sides of Evie’s lips before coming into contact with her mouth. They made out as Evie kept up with her striptease. At this point, Evie was almost stripped nude, with nothing but her panties on.

“Stop,” Mark ordered.

Ann stopped making out with Evie and stepped out of the room. Evie was flushed, and her heart was pounding in excitement. Mark walked over to her, pacing around her instead like he was inspecting her. Then he flashed a satisfied smile, held her face, and gave her a heated kiss. His hands traveled down, one caressing her breasts, the other roaming her naked back. After what seemed like an eternity, he drew back from the kiss. He took her hands and led her to the couch. The other men stood up to undress. They surrounded her, all nude.

Evie was aroused beyond the point of no return. Her body pulsed with heat as she stared at their glorious cocks.

Mark took the initiative. He bent down, tore off the panties, and began to suck her clit. His teeth and tongue worked their way around her clit and pussy opening, and she moaned in ecstasy. Her moans were interrupted by a cock being shoved into her mouth. It was Xander, Tom’s associate. The other two came around her, and each held one of her hands, guiding it to their cocks, which were already slippery from lubricant.

Looks like everyone came prepared, she thought.

Mark’s tongue on her cunt brought her to the edge. Soon, she was at the point of orgasm. Mark stopped suddenly, and Evie cried out. She ached to cum so badly.

“Don’t worry, Evie. You’ll get what you want sooner than you expect.”

He lifted her off the couch, breaking off the action, then led her to the bed. He laid down, then led her onto him, and she felt his cock penetrate her pussy. He was huge, and Evie was thrilled. It had been a while since she had a cock of that length. She tried to ease in carefully, but Mark had other plans. He grabbed her waist, angled her, and, in one swift movement, slammed his entire weight into her. It brought her instantly to climax. She shook for a while, reveling in the pleasure. When she had calmed down, Mark started to move his hips. His rhythm started slowly at first, then built rhythm, getting faster and faster. The sound of her hips slapping in his as she bounced up and down added to the atmosphere.

Suddenly, she felt another hard cock probing her asshole. It was Tom’s.

The thought of being double-penetrated made Evie only hornier. Vivid images flashed through her mind, fueling the fire already burning within.

“Forgetting us?” Xander smirked, asking to join in the fun. Harry followed suit. Evie took Xander’s cock into her mouth, slurping as she gave him a blowjob and simultaneously gave Harry a handjob. Occasionally, she switched over from Xander to Harry.

Two cocks plowed in and out of her, her mouth and hand pleasuring two more; this was bliss for her. This was the sexual action she desired.

The suite echoed with their guttural grunts and primal mating noises; the sounds their skins coming in contact made with each other; the feeling sent waves of pleasure over her, and she orgasmed so many times she lost count.

Soon, their thrusts began to increase in intensity, and she could feel they were all close. Then, unexpectedly, they all pulled apart from her and began to jerk off furiously over her. She could tell what they wanted to do. And it wasn’t long before they did it, spilling their load all over her. Waves upon waves of cum were dumped all over her. The four men got off the bed, leaving Evie in her state of bliss.

“That was a wonderful session, Evie. I trust we’d do this some other time soon?” Mark queried.

She would. She definitely would.