• Sun. Jun 11th, 2023

Tourist Sacked From Nursing Job For Posing With Prostitutes

Carol Yindersol is visiting prostitutes during lockdown

A nurse who is travelling to Europe’s busiest sex industry to help sex workers escape London’s lockdown.

Carol Yindersol, 42, from Brighton is visiting Berlin, Munich, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Strasbourg, Frankfurt again, Paris, Amsterdam, Vienna, Budapest, Katowice and Prague.

She is charged with helping prostitutes who have been jailed or are on remand to get support to leave the money-spinning industry.

She said she is trying to get a legal way around the closures, a ruling that has kept sex workers and brothel owners out of some of the cities where they are most common.

Speaking to a local newspaper, she said: ‘We want to try to find a way of helping these escorts to find a different occupation.

‘We are making sure the women have a normal day – they get their nails done, a cup of tea, coffee. We’re finding that they like that. It’s a day of protection from the outside world.’

However, she said this was often too much for the women to handle.

Also another matter that Carol is worried about is the vaginal mesh, which is not considered to be dangerous in a cloverleaf shape it, became popular in the United States because it is thought to be safer for prostitutes than sponges, as it is least prone to a fall on to buttocks, or muscle break-up.